The Marketplace is composed of many individual markets which each offer computation of a specific algorithm.


Each algorithm is comprised of three distinct contracts.

  • Broker
  • Factory
  • Execution Contract


The Broker contract coordinates the requests and fulfillments of computations.


The Factory contract handles deployment of the Execution contracts in the event that an answer is disputed and must be computed on-chain. The Factory packages the Execution contract as well as providing meta-data such as compiler version which would be needed to recompile and verify the bytecode.


The Execution contract is the actual implementation of the algorithm. It can carry out one full on-chain execution of the computation.

Performing Computations

It is not safe to blindly participate as either the requester or fulfiller in a market. The computation marketplace can provide a trustless wrapper around each algorithm, but it cannot guarantee the correctness or fairness of the underlying algorithm. Since algorithms are implemented as smart contracts they are capable of anything that a smart contract can do.